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martes, 19 de junio de 2012

Powerball Ticket Worth $241M Jackpot Sold in Iowa

Powerball Ticket Worth $241M Jackpot Sold in Iowa

VIDEO: Powerball $240 Million Jackpot Winner is in Iowa
A Powerball ticket sold at a Cedar Rapids grocery store this week is worth $241 million, but whoever bought it has yet to claim the jackpot, Iowa lottery officials said Thursday.
The ticket, the state's biggest lottery winner to date, was sold at a Hy-Vee on Edgewood Road in Cedar Rapids. Store Director Jamie Franck was presented Thursday with the $10,000 bonus check the store receives for selling the winning ticket.
"I'm just hoping it was one of those customers that come in every single day or every single week making their purchases just thinking maybe today's the day," Franck said at a lottery news conference. "And this might be their lucky day that they get to find out that they're a multimillionaire."
Franck said the store's bonus will go toward its bottom line and, because Hy-Vee is an employee-owned company, employees also will see some of it in their own bonus checks.

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